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SizeGenetics Penis Extender – Approved by Medical Surgeons

The SizeGenetics™ device works as penis extender or in terms like the penis stretcher, penis lengthener and penis enlarger. They’ve been around for many years and it functions by simply placing along the penis steady tension and thus helping encouraging it to expand(grow). This tension gently force on the penis over a long period of time, stimulating cell duplication to occur, where newest cells are created to assist accommodate the penises’ new extension.SizeGenetics Full Package


Reasons To Use SizeGenetics Device:

  • Will Extend The Penis Length By Inches
  • Is Used By Male Health Surgeons
  • Can Help Straighten Curved Penis

Benefits Of Using SizeGenetics:

  • Can easily extend penis by 1-2 inches
  • Can be used for curved penis to straiten up
  • Been used by penis enlargement surgeons
  • Can be used for men of all ages
  • Tested in clinical research study
  • Been around over 17 successful years in the industry
  • Fast and secure delivery from distribution departments in the US and UK
  • Seen on magazine coverage GQ and TV Channel 4 in the UKSizeGenetics


The SizeGenetic device have 16 Way Comfortably Strap, which means that the device can be placed in 16 various ways.

Other similar penis lengthening devices an be worn only in 1 way and it could be uncofortable and wont give much great results.

SizeGenetics available in 3 packages: Budget Option, Device Only and Ultimate SystemWith Ultimate System you get: The SizeGenetics Device, Instructional DVD, 16 Way Comfort Strap, Spare Parts, Luxury Leather Case, Travel Case, PenisHealth Online, Traction Plus Powder,

PenisHealth DVD, Revita Cream, Device Wipes, LoveCentria Online(54+ Online DVDs!!!), 180 Day Guarantee, $50 Discount Code

Money Back Guarantee!

When you buy a penis device,you need to be 100% fully confident that what you get is real and legitimate, clinically verified and will lengthen penis by inches.

Thinking about that, we demand taking off all the risk when you purchase SizeGenetics™.

As we guarantee that the SizeGenetics™ device will help you extend penis length by inches, every single order comes with 6 month money-back guarantee.

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Before and After

Pete – I’ve gained hole 1 inch on my fully erect measurements!

Before and After SizeGenetics

Dear Sizegenetics

I began utilizing your enlargement device in late March. During that time my fully erection was at 6 inches(15.2cm). Following first month I noted an increased amount of blood circulation. Right now after 4 months use , I’ve gained hole 1 inch on fully erect measurements! I’m entirely pleased with this device and will keep continue using to gain even much more gains!


Jon – I Have Gained 2.1 Inches in Erect Length2.1 inches gainsRight after 4 months of usage, I’m very astonished by the outcome. Even my partner is please, since she smiled and hugged me on viewing my most latest measurement. At beginning of program, my measurement was 4.4 inches length and girth of 4.3 inches. Latest measurements are a length of 6.5 inches, and girth of 5.0 inches.
I’ve gained 2.1 inches in length and 0.7 inches in girth.
“I’m really happy with results and strongly recommend every man who looking enlarge penis size.”
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Male Edge Penis Extender

There is nothing surprising in the fact that the penis size is considered to be one of the most important issues when it comes to manhood. Being in possession of a large size penis can not only help you tremendously in better sexual experience, but also provide you a great boost when it comes to self esteem and self confidence. However, what if you don’t possess a healthy penis size or just wish to have a one size bigger organ? Well, the solution is right there in the form of a highly effective and safe penis extender by the name of Male Edge. The present-day technological advancements have made it possible for almost any healthy adult male to increase his penis size in both length and girth. There is a wide range of products available in the adult marketplace that have all been specifically crafted to help men achieve bigger penis sizes.

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Male Edge deviceWhile there is one approach which works internally by taking oral pills or through penis extension, there is another which enhances the penis size via surgical means. The latter approach although is fast, but is also expensive apart from being too risky. In this article we will look into the former method which comprises of the physical or external approach involving the use of traction devices or penis extender devices.

What is Male Edge Penis Extender?

Male Edge comes from the umbrella of manufacturers who produced the widely successful Jes extender. Jes extender was the first-ever traction device introduced to the mankind. Male Edge comes as a big improvement to the Jes extender and offers great competition to similar devices available in the marketplace.

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So, How Does Male Edge Penis Extender Works?

ExtenderTraction devices such as Male Edge work by the method of application of force on to the penile shaft. When this happens for a longer period of time on a daily basis, it results in the natural division and multiplication of the penile cells, thereby enhancing the penis size of an individual in both length and girth. Commonly available traction devices in the marketplace can successfully apply almost up to 1500 g of pressure on to the penile shaft. However, Male Edge is capable of applying almost 2800 g of pressure. Furthermore, the material used for creation of Male Edge is quite different from the one used in production of other similar devices. It is not as heavy as others and thereby makes it easier for an individual to wear the penis extender for longer periods of time every day. Swear the penis extender for longer periods of time every day. In addition, despite the above-mentioned weight difference, Male Edge has an excellent quality of being much more durable than its other counterparts.

Why Should You Buy Male Edge?

Despite being far more advanced and effective than its predecessor Jes extender, Male Edge comes at a comparatively cheaper price. It is also available in three different packages which you can choose from based on your lifestyle, taste and preference. The three packages differ based on the spare parts and attachments that come with them. The company which manufactures Male Edge penis extender is so confident about its effectiveness and safety that it offers a comprehensive money back guarantee in case you do not get the desirable results with its consistent use.





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What Matters More Length or Girth?

Length or GirthThere’s a rule in chemistry, the higher the surface area, the higher the rate of chemical reaction.

Let’s face it; men are obsessed with penis size in the same way that women are obsessed with their breasts.  What is ironic is that women don’t care about penis size in the same way as men care about women’s breasts.  To most women, it’s not the tool but the ability of the man in bed.  The sword is only as effective as the one who wields it, so to speak.  Male obsession in penis size has resulted to an enlargement industry spanning creams, devices and pills.

At one point in their lives, men would have thought about how they would measure up with the other guys.  At least a few would have taken out a ruler to measure their erect member.

According to studies, the average penis is not the 8 inchers you see in porn flicks.  The average size is actually lower than that, 5.5 to 6.4 inches in length and 4.7 to 5.2 inches in girth.  A woman’s vagina however is only 4 inches long on the average.  Do the math!

The length of the penis does not have anything to do much with pleasure during sex.  The girth however, matters.

Let’s talk about women’s little penis first, more popularly known as the clitoris.  The clitoris which is found on top of the outer folds of the labia is very sensitive and is the primary source of female sexual pleasure.  However, there is more to the clitoris than just a small extension of sensitive skin.  It is actually “V” in shape with its legs extending down to pubic bone.  Its sensitive nerve endings also trail along both sides of the outer vagina or the vestibular bulbs.  With only 1/8 to 3/8 inch in size, the clitoris packs double the nerve endings of the penis.

A penis with wider girth can easily stimulate the outer vaginal opening.  A penis with a wide girth also creates more tension in the labia which tugs at the hood that covers the clitoris more.  The more movement in the clitoris causes more stimulation.  So the bigger surface area that a penis with a wide girth is able to occupy means that it is in contact with more nerve endings, resulting to a more pleasurable intercourse.

But most women still swear that it’s not the tool but how you use it.  Indeed, there are countless guys who pump away with rabid intensity during intercourse that ends up frustratingly unexciting for women.  The clitoris, the outer fold of the labia and the first one-third length of the vagina are the most sensitive parts of the vagina.  A penis that is 5 inches or 4 inches long is more than enough to give a woman the most pleasurable sexual experience.

The average man has about 4 inches in girth.  There are techniques that can be used to make the penis seem wider.  The first is by using a circular motion during thrusting.  This allows the penile shaft to come in contact more with the labia.  An angular thrust with the aim of tugging the lower part of the labia can also give a woman more exciting pleasure.  When doing this, the contact in the lower part of the vaginal opening tugs at the clitoris more, producing extra pressure and tension.

But of course, it all ends with the preference of the woman.  Some women prefer large penises, while the others small.  Remember, in any relationship, size is not all that matters.  What matters most is the swordsman.  In the end, it still ends with the guy.  The sword is secondary to the skill, love and lust of the guy who wields the sword.

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Penis Extenders vs. Penis Enlargement Surgery: Which Is Safer?

If you have a small penis, chances are you may have considered one or two penile enlargement programs on the Internet.  First thing to remember though is that most penile enlargement claims are actually baseless; secondly, some of them can actually harm the penis.

Penile enlargement products are not that hard to find.  They can be found littered around men’s health websites.  However, a lot of the products out there don’t actually work.  Enlargement pills and lotions claim to give firmer erection, but none of them have been proven to affect enhancement in size.  Vacuum pumps are used to treat erectile dysfunction, but are not effective size enhancers.  What they do achieve though is temporary increase in length.  Penile exercises also known as jelqing uses hand motion to enhance penile erection.  This method is just like the usual jerk-off session for most guys, but the hand-over-hand motion can cause scarring and deformation.

There are however two types of penile enlargement methods that are worth a look.  First is the penile extender and the second one is penile surgery.  Both methods promise to give positive results.  However, it is best to know the risks first before trying them out.Penis Extenders

Penis Extenders

Extenders work by gradually stretching the penis over time.  It uses a non-invasive device to be worn over the penis.  Screw-rods are used to adjust the tension in the extender and to apply an increasing traction to the penis.  It uses the principle of traction where a continuous tension is applied on the penis to affect tissue division and multiplication resulting in the increase in length of the penis.  Penis extenders promise to increase the length of the penis by 1-3 inches.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penile enlargement surgery is done in several ways.  The earliest method is by cutting the suspensory ligament to lengthen the shaft and then using plastic surgery to cover the exposed length with new skin. The second method is using the fat from the thighs of the patient and injecting the liposuctioned fat into the penile shaft to increase the length and girth.  The third method is using the dermis and fat from the patient and grafting this into the shaft.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Since penile extenders are non-surgical, this enlargement method is the safest.  There are still risks, however.  Some extenders are recommended by manufacturers to be used even in public.  But this is unsafe since extenders use clamps to achieve traction.  If numbness or coldness occurs, the extender should be removed immediately.  If worn in public, any immediate act to remove this will result in an extremely embarrassing situation.

A procedure for penile enlargement is rarely done.  Penile surgery is usually done for functionally impaired penises.  The method of cutting off the suspensory ligament is potentially harmful because it might cause an unstable erection. Surgery might also cause penile deformation, scarification and loss of penile function.  There are also several complications that may arise in a surgical procedure.

Sometimes, the penis would look like it is coming from the scrotum instead of coming from the

by manufacturers to be used even in public.  But this is unsafe since extenders use clamps to achieve traction.  If numbness or coldness occurs, the extender should be removed immediately.  If worn in public, any immediate act to remove this will result in an extremely embarrassing situation.

A procedure for penile enlargement is rarely done.  Penile surgery is usually done for functionally impaired penises.  The method of cutting off the suspensory ligament is potentially harmful because it might cause an unstable erection. Surgery might also cause penile deformation, scarification and loss of penile function.  There are also several complications that may arise in a surgical procedure.

Sometimes, the penis would look like it is coming from the scrotum instead of coming from the abdominal wall.  Sometimes the grafted skin sloughs off leaving an area that is ulcerated.  If fat is used, sometimes the fat gets reabsorbed by the body resulting to the loss of girth.  Sometimes, the fat does not dissolve uniformly resulting to bumps along the shaft.  Penis enlargement is considered by most to be controversial and potentially harmful.

So far, data collected by surgeons regarding cosmetic enlargement have been inaccurate.  The increase in length is usually at 1-2 inches, but the increase is not guaranteed to be permanent.

Before going through any penile enlargement program, make sure that you talk with your partner.  Sometimes, a man’s perception of his small penis is actually not a problem for the partner.

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Can Certain Foods Help Me to Get a Bigger Penis?

bananaLet’s admit it, 95% of men think penis size is a problem while an almost the same number of women are contented with what their man has to offer.

Now let’s take care of that problem; you want to make it bigger. Well, there are several ways. First is surgery, but that’s going to cost you some money. Second is exercise, but that takes time, and that’s not going to work because you’re a career man. Third are devices, but what if your girlfriend finds it in your closet, you don’t want her learning about your insecurity, right?

This leaves us with the most viable option, and the most discreet of all: natural means of enlargement. There are a number of natural ways, but the most man-friendly is the best of all: FOOD.

There are foods that are Man-Junior friendly. These foods increase your libido and makes erection stronger and bigger. So if you’re looking for foods that can enhance and spice up your sex life, read on.

  • Oysters. There’s a reason why this seafood is a popular sex enhancer. Oysters, considered to be one of the classic aphrodisiacs are rich in zinc, a mineral important to sperm production and volume, and vitamin B6 which aids in the better performance of estrogen and testosterone and the production of red blood cells.
  • Nuts. Nuts are the great sources of fatty acids that are essential to blood circulation and hormone production among men. Almonds in particular enhance erection among men for they lower cholesterol levels resulting to more blood into the penis.
  • Bananas. The bromelain enzyme that enhances libido among men is naturally found in bananas. Bananas are also a great source of potassium and riboflavin, both of which improve stamina and energy. Potassium also helps improve blood circulation. Bananas also lower sodium levels in the body which helps in preventing heart-related illnesses.
  • Fish. Salmons are excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids, a nutrient important for blood circulation. Good blood circulation leads to enhanced blood flow to the penis. Fatty acids lower blood viscosity which encourages stronger erections.
  • Onions. Onions help improve blood circulation. Onions are rich in sulfides which lower lipid levels in the blood and protects against blood clot. Better blood circulation leads to firmer hard-ons.
  • Berries and Cherries.Berries and cherries are great sources of anti-oxidants and anti-aging chemicals. Aside from that, Acai berries have anthocyanin that protect the brain and improves blood circulation. Acerola cherries on the other hand are rich in vitamin C. Goji berries are known to increase testosterone levels.
  • Avocado. Also known as the “testicle fruit” is rich in folic acid, potassium and vitamin B6. All of the said nutrients help in boosting libido, stamina and sexual energy.
  • Porridge. Porridge is rich in dietary fibers which remove cholesterol from the body. Less cholesterol improves blood flow resulting to better erections.
  • Broccoli. Broccolis are great libido enhancers for men. They are rich in Indole-3-carbinol which reduces estrogen levels in the blood.
  • Watermelon. Watermelons according to research are rich in citruline which enhances blood circulation in the body and the penis.Citruline relaxes blood vessels, something that the drug Viagra also does.
  • Garlic. Garlic is good for the heart and also contains allicin which improves blood flow into the penis.
  • Celery.Celeries are great sources of androstenone, a chemical that increase sex drive and increases semen volume. Adrostenone also releases pheromones that make you attractive to the opposite sex.
  • Chili. Chili has capsaicin, a chemical responsible for its “hot” reputation. Capsaicin also increases blood flow and helps in the production of endorphins.

According to studies, men who have gained inches in penis length have healthy hearts. And as seen from the list of foods above, the key to getting a bigger penis is to increase the blood flow into the penis.

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