Benefits of Penis Extenders

A lot of men looking to increase the length of their penis are looking for a penis extender. The penis size is one of the most sensitive topics when it comes to men and a lack of size is a leading cause of depression among men. This is why these men are looking for solutions to increase the length and girth of their penis, and their search leads them to penis extenders.

How do Penis Extenders Work Exactly?

Benefits of Penis ExtendersThey do look more like a tool for torture rather than a tool for potential pleasure brought upon by a bigger penis. It works by applying gentle pressure on the tissues in the penis area. This pressure will lead the cells in the penis to separate. Once this happens, there will be gaps. The theory is these cells won’t go back to their original positions. The human body, as it’s known to do, will “heal” it by filling these gaps with cells. With the cells separated and the gaps filled with new cells, you will have a bigger and longer penis.

In addition, the cells will be broken down. As they heal, regeneration will take place. Think of it like lifting weights. The stress that you put on your muscles will encourage breaking down of the muscles and your body will heal them, making them bigger.

Advantages of this Device

Should you use a penis extender? You should if you want to experience these benefits:

  • It’s safer than most options.

It may not look safe, but you have to try it to find out that the pressure is very gentle. It’s actually very comfortable. It’s safer than pills since it’s not taken in the body. It’s also safer than surgery since a lot of things can go wrong during surgery.

Of course, you have to use it the right way. Incorrect use can cause damage.

  • You will get a better erection.

With a bigger penis, you will have a more impressive erection. With the cells regenerated, you will have a better erection as well.

  • It will improve your performance in bed.

The same thing applies here. With regenerated cells, your penis will be in top-most condition which will improve your performance in bed.

  • It’s inexpensive.

Surgery is expensive. On the other hand, you have to buy loads of pills to notice effects, and the cost can add up. On the other hand, a penis extender is a one-time and inexpensive purchase.

  • The results are permanent.

The cells are not going to collapse back. Our body is smart enough to just regenerate more cells to fill in the gaps. There’s no going back once this happens and you’ll be left with a bigger penis. It’s not as if the regenerated cells will go away on their own even after you stopped using the penis extender.

  • It’s effective.

This is the best benefit. It’s been proven to work. In fact, studies have shown that users, provided that they use one correctly, are able to add 30% more size to their penis.

Are there Disadvantages?

No product in the market is perfect. Penis extenders have disadvantages as well including the following:

The results are not immediate

No, you can’t use it in the morning with the hope of having a bigger penis for a date later on in the night. Be patient. Let your body do what it does best which is to adapt. Look at the silver lining – the results are permanent.

Using it can be risky

Generally speaking, they’re safe to use. But just like other medical devices, there’s a risk involved in using it. This is especially true if you’re going to buy a low quality one. This is why it’s a good idea to buy one from a trusted source. A good manufacturer will take out all the potential risks that they can take out. But still, practice caution to make sure that you won’t be at risk.

It’s not really discreet

It’s not something that you can just place on your bedside table for easy access unless you want your cleaning lady to know what you’re up to. Just like a vibrator, people will know what it is and what it’s for and it can be pretty embarrassing if they found out that you have it. Make sure to store it discreetly and just use it in the privacy of your own room.

How Much Are These Penis Extenders?

As mentioned, they’re pretty inexpensive especially compared with surgery and other extender options. The prices greatly vary depending on the brand and model. It can cost you anywhere from around $150 to something close to $400.

It’s actually a good idea to buy one from a company that offers you several options in different prices. This way, you can choose one based on their features and of course, your budget. Make sure to stretch your budget a little especially since the more expensive ones generally come as part of a complete system.