How To Choose The Right Penis Extender

penis extendersIf you are feeling so down all because you can’t seem to satisfy your partner in bed, then perhaps it’s about time that you consider using penis extenders. You are not actually alone in your predicament and in fact, there are so many of you who are suffering from various sexual dysfunctions which have also caused them so much anxiety.

Because of the increasing demand for penis extenders, you will now find that there are so many of these being sold in the market now. Unfortunately, not all of these products work as what they promised and what’s worse is that some of them would lead to some damaging effects in the body.  As a result, instead of treating your sexual dysfunctions, you might just be faced with an even bigger problem. So to avoid this horror, here are some tips on how to choose the right penis extender for you.

Beware of the Older Variety

Before you go on with your search, you must first identify the various types of penis extenders available. You can choose between the comfort strap and the flat strap. In this modern day and age, you will find a lot of modern day penis extenders that come with innovative features, such as the double strap system. This is actually a more improved version of the flat strap penis extender or those that come with a single strap design.

The older variety is still in the market now and is equipped with a one inch thick strap that resembles that of a band aid. According to some health experts, this type of penis extender has flaws on them and might trigger some serious side effects to the user. One of the design flaws is that it will cover too much area of the penis and will therefore cause it to perspire. The trapped moisture will then cause bacteria to grow which will lead to horrible odors and some infections.

The newer design is highly recommended, such as SizeGenetics . This comes with a double comfort pad which circles a silicone tube in order to secure your sexual organ. What’s great about the comfort pad is that it is equipped with air pockets which prevent the moisture to be trapped and thus, the growth of bacteria and infection will be prevented.

Great Customer Service

As with anything, it is always a good idea to deal with a company that provides excellent customer experience. So when it comes to buying a penis extender, look for a company whose customer service support can be easily reached.

There are companies now that have online chat support available on their website and these are highly recommended. This is important because when you have questions concerning the penis extender you have bought, you can simply chat with any of the representatives and you will not have a hard time in reaching them.

The representatives should be able to provide you with a professional and friendly service as well. You can refer to reviews online to find out which companies have an excellent customer support team.

Excellent Warranty Policymoney back

It is also important to find out the warranty policy that comes with the penis extender that you are buying. Those companies that provide lifetime warranty are highly recommended. Since you will be using the penis extender for a lifetime then it would be great if the product is covered for life.

But you have to be careful with companies that will offer a lifetime warranty for their product because others might not do what they promise. Make sure that it is clearly indicated in the warranty card so you will have something to show in case your product will not be replaced.

Remember that the warranty policy for each brand of penis extender would greatly vary. Others will offer two years, some will give six years and others will offer a lifetime warranty.

These are the three important criteria that you must think about when choosing the right penis extender. You do not really need to spend a lot for a penis extender. What is important is that it works effectively and that it will not cause any harm on your body. So do your research well and read reviews written by other customers.