How To Straighten A Curved Penis

Curved-PenisIs your penis not completely straight? Maybe it is curving to the right or left, or even curving slightly up or down? Many men suffer from curvature of the penis, and in many cases the curvature is so slight it is almost unnoticeable and doesn’t cause any adverse effects. However for some men, the curvature is not only noticeable but it can also cause pain and make sexual intercourse difficult. This is actually a benign condition called Peyronie’s Disease. This can cause scar tissue, curvature and inflammation, and can affect men of any age or race (although it is more commonly seen in Caucasian men over the age of 40).

What causes Peyronie’s Disease?

Although it is not known exactly what causes it, this condition is thought to be caused by trauma or injury to the penis. This could be caused by sexual activity, although the man may not be aware of any injury at the time. It may also be a side effect of certain drugs such as beta blockers or could be genetic.
Can Peyronie’s be cured? Although there is no one specific cure for this condition, there are some ways to improve and reduce the effects. If you want to know how to straighten a curved penis the following are three potential treatment methods:


Unfortunately there is very little evidence to prove that medication and supplements will work effectively for this condition. There are a number of drugs that have been tested and some may help to halt the progression however there are none that have been proven to actually correct the curvature. Therefore it is unlikely that your doctor will be able to prescribe you a medication that will fix the problem.

Penis Enlargement SurgerySurgery

Although surgery is usually considered to be a last resort and is only used in more severe cases (where the curvature is causing pain and difficulty with sexual intercourse), a surgery called the Leriche technique has shown to be effective at reducing curvature. Unfortunately this is very expensive and it may not be covered by health insurance. For men in the UK it is not covered by the NHS and can cost in excess of £4500.


SizeGenetics Full PackageDevices and physical therapy

This is the method most commonly recommended by doctors, in fact there are devices available online that you can purchase yourself without ever having to consult a medical professional. One particular device that is popular with many men is the penis extender or in other words  penis stretcher. Although this was originally designed to increase the length and girth of the penis, it has also proven effective in the straightening of penile curvature. It works by exerting a gentle stretching force on the penis, and when the device is worn daily for a number of months it can eventually help to straighten the curve. Although there are many such devices available online, it is important to choose carefully when buying – not all are clinically tested. One that is classified as a Type 1 Medical Device is the SizeGenetics System. Not only is it medically endorsed, but it is one of the few systems which offers a  6 month money back guarantee.