What Matters More Length or Girth?

Length or Girth

There’s a rule in chemistry, the higher the surface area, the higher the rate of chemical reaction. Let’s face it; men are obsessed with penis size in the same way that women are obsessed with their breasts.  What is ironic is that women don’t … [Continue reading]

Penis Extenders vs. Penis Enlargement Surgery: Which Is Safer?

Penis Enlargement Surgery

If you have a small penis, chances are you may have considered one or two penile enlargement programs on the Internet.  First thing to remember though is that most penile enlargement claims are actually baseless; secondly, some of them can actually … [Continue reading]

Can Certain Foods Help Me to Get a Bigger Penis?


Let’s admit it, 95% of men think penis size is a problem while an almost the same number of women are contented with what their man has to offer. Now let’s take care of that problem; you want to make it bigger. Well, there are several ways. First … [Continue reading]