Penis Extenders vs. Pumps

Penis-pump-vs-penis-extenderSome men are just lucky enough to be born well endowed that they will not have to worry about having a satisfying sexual tryst with their partners. But for those men who have a small penis and are suffering from sexual dysfunctions, the best option is to invest on one of those penis enlargement devices.

These devices are said to be very effective when it comes to increasing the size of the male member. The penis extenders and pumps are two of the most popular penis enlargement devices that are gaining so much popularity in the market today. Regardless of which device you will use, it is important that you read the instructions on the proper way of using the device or you could end up harming yourself. But the question that a lot of men would ask is, “Which device is better?” Read on to find out more about the penis extenders and pumps.

Penis Extender

MaleEdge Penis Extender

Male Edge Extender Review

This is a device that is to be worn on a male sexual organ which stretches the penile tissues and this will result to the penis increasing in length. What’s great about it is that the device helps to promote a permanent enlargement of the penis and triggers the increase of both the length and the girth of the penis.

The device is also effective in treating erectile dysfunction and treats penile curvatures or those with a curved penis. The device works by applying constant traction force on the penis which eventually will make the cells of the penile tissues to reproduce, and thus, the penis will grow even bigger.

The penis strechers is very pliable and has a small size so it can be worn even under a loose pair of pants without it being noticed. The device is also comfortable to wear since it is very flexible and you will not even feel that it is there.

According to studies, regular use of the penis extender can lead to an average gain size of about 33% which is about one to three inches in length and 1.5 inches of girth. The best thing about the device is that the gain in size is permanent and long lasting.


Penis PumpThe pumps are those special tools used for forcing the penis to increase by means of sucking it up towards a hollow tube. The device is effective at helping men to achieve sexual satisfaction especially those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. It helps them to have a rigid and full erection which is the key to a satisfying sexual tryst.
The pumps work by creating a vacuum area all over the penile region which then sucks the penis towards the fitting tube, and thereby forcing more blood to flow within. A rubber ring will then be placed on the base of the penis in order to trap the blood and make the penis erect.

The process of using the pump might appear complicated and impractical for most men. A lot of men find it a hassle to use, although it is really guaranteed to be very effective. The device needs to be used right before every sexual intercourse. While the pumps are really effective in helping men to achieve a longer penis size and more rigid erection, the result is just temporary and will only last for a few hours. Also, the rubber ring must be left on the base of the penis in order to maintain the erection and this can be a bit inconvenient during sexual intercourse.

Penis Extenders vs. Pumps

So now that you know some information about how penis extenders and pumps work, it should be easier for you to decide which device is effective for you. But there are also lots of factors that you need to consider when deciding which device you should invest in.

One of these is the price. The price of the penis extender will greatly vary, depending on the brand. There are expensive ones that come with a warranty and there are also cheaper brands. As for the pumps, you can expect to spend around $100 up to $150 dollars for this device although it will also vary depending on the manufacturer. Therefore, before you decide between penis extenders and pumps, you have to also find out how much you can afford for such device.

Those who want a penis enlargement device that can give them a temporary erection for a satisfying sexual tryst with their partner should go for the pumps. Men who want a permanent solution to their erectile dysfunction can choose the penis extenders. These devices are easy to use as well and you can wear them all day long without feeling uncomfortable. Best of all, they are guaranteed to give you a longer and more permanent solution to your sexual problems.