SizeGenetics Penis Extender – Approved by Medical Surgeons

The SizeGenetics™ device works as a penis extender or in other terms –  penis stretcher, penis lengthener and penis enlarger. They’ve been around for many years and it functions by simply placing the penis steady tension and thus helping encouraging it to expand(grow). This tension gently forces on the penis over a long period of time, stimulating cell duplication to occur, where newest cells are created to assist accommodate the penises’ new extension.SizeGenetics Full Package


Reasons To Use SizeGenetics Penis Stretcher:

  • Will Extend The Penis Length By Inches
  • Is Used By Male Health Surgeons
  • Can Help Straighten Curved Penis

Benefits Of Using SizeGenetics:

  • Can easily extend penis by 1-2 inches
  • Can be used for curved penis to straighten up
  • Been used by penis enlargement surgeons
  • Can be used for men of all ages
  • Tested in clinical research study
  • Been around over 17 successful years in the industry
  • Fast and secure delivery from distribution departments in the US and UK
  • Seen on magazine coverage GQ and TV Channel 4 in the UKSizeGenetics



The SizeGenetic penis stretcher has 16 Way Comfortably Strap, which means that the device can be placed in 16 various ways.

Other similar penis lengthening stretchers devices can be worn only in 1 way and it could be uncomfortable and won’t give many great results.

SizeGenetics available in 3 packages: Budget Option, Device Only and Ultimate SystemWith Ultimate System you get: The SizeGenetics Device, Instructional DVD, 16 Way Comfort Strap, Spare Parts, Luxury Leather Case, Travel Case, PenisHealth Online, Traction Plus Powder,

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Money Back Guarantee!

When you buy a penis device, you need to be 100% fully confident that what you get is real and legitimate, clinically verified and will lengthen penis by inches.

Thinking about that, we demand to take off all the risk when you purchase SizeGenetics™ penis stretcher.

As we guarantee that the SizeGenetics™ device will help you extend penis length by inches, every single order comes with 6-month money-back guarantee.

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Before and After

Pete – I’ve gained hole 1 inch on my fully erect measurements!

Before and After SizeGenetics

Dear Sizegenetics

I began utilizing your enlargement penis stretcher in late March. During that time my full erection was at 6 inches(15.2cm). Following first month I noted an increased amount of blood circulation. Right now after 4 months use, I’ve gained hole 1 inch on fully erect measurements! I’m entirely pleased with this device and will keep continuing using to gain even much more gains!


Jon – I Have Gained 2.1 Inches in Erect Length2.1 inches gainsRight after 4 months of usage, I’m very astonished by the outcome. Even my partner is pleased since she smiled and hugged me on viewing my latest measurement. At beginning of the program, my measurement was 4.4 inches length and girth of 4.3 inches. Latest measurements are a length of 6.5 inches, and girth of 5.0 inches.
I’ve gained 2.1 inches in length and 0.7 inches in girth.
“I’m really happy with results and strongly recommend every man who looking enlarge penis size.”
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Facts About The Average Penis Size

Average Penis SizeThere is a lot of information out there about the size of an average penis. Many supposed facts about the average penis size have crossed different news sources. When a man’s penis is erect, it should increase in size and girth. The average size is normally considered to be 3.5cm in diameter and about 15cm in length, although in most cases there are continuous fluctuations and it is extremely difficult to establish exact size. For various reasons, some men have constantly tried to increase the size of their penis by using various techniques such as surgery and natural methods to aid penis enlargement.

The penis should first start increasing in length, then in diameter, during growth, however, it is always construed that the size of the penis relates to length and not as much to diameter though the two factors necessitate the concept of penis size. Over the last few years, it has become evident that the average size of a man’s penis isn’t as people used to think. For many years, it was thought that the penile length extended up to about 16.5cm meaning that people who had shorter penises than the acclaimed length obviously felt deprived. After closer study, it was realized that the findings were not that accurate since the statistics had been collected from random men, who measured themselves.

The fact is, not every man measured between the two same points A and B. In addition, the measuring devices may not have concurred with the standard rules and so the results were concluded to have a lot of flaws. Despite those challenges, recently, scientists have tried to gather efficient statistics to prove the theory behind the size of an average man’s penis. The findings have pointed out that the average sized penis is actually shorter than the previous results supposedly claimed. Actually, the minimum figures for an erect penis are between 12.1cm and 14.9 cm. A man whose erect penis is shorter than those figures is normally said to possess a micro-penis.

Does Size Really MatterDoes Size Really Matter?

The questions about the average size of a typical penis and whether the results should matter is seemingly becoming a debate. Some women will probably tell you that size doesn’t matter where as others will argue that size matters a lot. Sometimes, the phrase, “the bigger, more pleasure, more orgasm” is not a very new term. Women believe that the longer and wider the penis is the more pleasure they will gain. Whatever the case, to better understand the benefits of an average size of a penis, which in this case should range between 12.1cm and 14.9cm, it is necessary to understand the vagina and what is entailed in providing maximum orgasmic pleasure. This is, however, a concept to be proven through further research.

Similar to the past, nowadays there are still many men who fret about the size of their penis and most importantly its length. Specialists in the area of love-making constantly provide worried men with comforting advice about how it is important to understand that penis size doesn’t really matter but that it all depends on how the penis is used in love-making. There are certain techniques that can be used when having sex, even with an average sized penis, to provide maximum pleasure. In fact, there are women who reach orgasm though oral sex even in the absence of penetration.

For most men, the size of their penis is perhaps one of the most important aspects in their lives. If it is discovered at an early age that size of their penis is larger than average, they can become, and remain, very proud of the fact.

Male Edge Penis Stretcher

There is nothing surprising in the fact that the penis size is considered to be one of the most important issues when it comes to manhood. Being in possession of a large size penis can not only help you tremendously in better sexual experience but also provide you with a great boost when it comes to self-esteem and self-confidence. However, what if you don’t possess a healthy penis size or just wish to have one size bigger organ? Well, the solution is right there in the form of a highly effective and safe penis stretcher by the name of Male Edge. The present-day technological advancements have made it possible for almost any healthy adult male to increase his penis size in both length and girth. There is a wide range of products available in the adult marketplace that have all been specifically crafted to help men achieve bigger penis sizes.

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Male Edge deviceWhile there is one approach which works internally by taking oral pills or through penis extension, there is another which enhances the penis size via surgical means. The latter approach although is fast, but is also expensive apart from being too risky. In this article, we will look into the former method which comprises of the physical or external approach involving the use of traction devices or penis stretcher devices.

What is Male Edge Penis Stretcher?

Male Edge comes from the umbrella of manufacturers who produced the widely successful Jes extender. Jes extender was the first-ever traction device introduced to the mankind. Male Edge comes as a big improvement to the Jes extender and offers great competition to similar devices available in the marketplace.

So, How Does Male Edge Penis Stretcher Works?

ExtenderTraction devices such as Male Edge work by the method of application of force on to the penile shaft. When this happens for a longer period of time on a daily basis, it results in the natural division and multiplication of the penile cells, thereby enhancing the penis size of an individual in both length and girth. Commonly available traction devices in the marketplace can successfully apply almost up to 1500 g of pressure on to the penile shaft. However, Male Edge is capable of applying almost 2800 g of pressure. Furthermore, the material used for creation of Male Edge is quite different from the one used in production of other similar devices. It is not as heavy as others and thereby makes it easier for an individual to wear the penis stretcher for longer periods of time every day. Swear the penis stretcher for longer periods of time every day. In addition, despite the above-mentioned weight difference, Male Edge has an excellent quality of being much more durable than its other counterparts.

Why Should You Buy Male Edge?

Despite being far more advanced and effective than its predecessor Jes extender, Male Edge comes at a comparatively cheaper price. It is also available in three different packages which you can choose from based on your lifestyle, taste and preference. The three packages differ based on the spare parts and attachments that come with them. The company which manufactures Male Edge penis stretcher is so confident about its effectiveness and safety that it offers a comprehensive money back guarantee in case you do not get the desirable results with its consistent use.