Facts About The Average Penis Size

Average Penis SizeThere is a lot of information out there about the size of an average penis. Many supposed facts about the average penis size have crossed different news sources. When a man’s penis is erect, it should increase in size and girth. The average size is normally considered to be 3.5cm in diameter and about 15cm in length, although in most cases there are continuous fluctuations and it is extremely difficult to establish exact size. For various reasons, some men have constantly tried to increase the size of their penis by using various techniques such as surgery and natural methods to aid penis enlargement.

The penis should first start increasing in length, then in diameter, during growth, however, it is always construed that the size of the penis relates to length and not as much to diameter though the two factors necessitate the concept of penis size. Over the last few years, it has become evident that the average size of a man’s penis isn’t as people used to think. For many years, it was thought that the penile length extended up to about 16.5cm meaning that people who had shorter penises than the acclaimed length obviously felt deprived. After closer study, it was realized that the findings were not that accurate since the statistics had been collected from random men, who measured themselves.

The fact is, not every man measured between the two same points A and B. In addition, the measuring devices may not have concurred with the standard rules and so the results were concluded to have a lot of flaws. Despite those challenges, recently, scientists have tried to gather efficient statistics to prove the theory behind the size of an average man’s penis. The findings have pointed out that the average sized penis is actually shorter than the previous results supposedly claimed. Actually, the minimum figures for an erect penis are between 12.1cm and 14.9 cm. A man whose erect penis is shorter than those figures is normally said to possess a micro-penis.

Does Size Really MatterDoes Size Really Matter?

The questions about the average size of a typical penis and whether the results should matter is seemingly becoming a debate. Some women will probably tell you that size doesn’t matter where as others will argue that size matters a lot. Sometimes, the phrase, “the bigger, more pleasure, more orgasm” is not a very new term. Women believe that the longer and wider the penis is the more pleasure they will gain. Whatever the case, to better understand the benefits of an average size of a penis, which in this case should range between 12.1cm and 14.9cm, it is necessary to understand the vagina and what is entailed in providing maximum orgasmic pleasure. This is, however, a concept to be proven through further research.

Similar to the past, nowadays there are still many men who fret about the size of their penis and most importantly its length. Specialists in the area of love-making constantly provide worried men with comforting advice about how it is important to understand that penis size doesn’t really matter but that it all depends on how the penis is used in love-making. There are certain techniques that can be used when having sex, even with an average sized penis, to provide maximum pleasure. In fact, there are women who reach orgasm though oral sex even in the absence of penetration.

For most men, the size of their penis is perhaps one of the most important aspects in their lives. If it is discovered at an early age that size of their penis is larger than average, they can become, and remain, very proud of the fact.