What Women Think About A Man’s Penis

What Women ThinkWhat do women really think about a man’s penis? This question can be properly answered based on the first encounter. In other words, the impression a woman has when she first sees a man’s penis, though might not be audible for you to hear, in some instances, you can read the signs and be able to gather some information on what she could be thinking. For specialists who give sex and dating advice, one fact they have come to accept is that men are usually obsessed with the nature of their own penis especially when it comes to making it bigger. This is why we wonder whether size really matters, and if it does, what do women think about it? According to different research surveys conducted to evaluate results from different women in accordance to what goes on in their minds when they first see a man’s penis, various responses were brought together, analyzed and a final report was written.

According to this report, one woman suggested that the first thing she focuses on is girth; this means that she considers width to be more important than length, even though men worry more about length than width. A woman who thinks like this would still appreciate those men with short but thick penises. Another interesting fact about women’s reactions during the first encounter with a man’s penis is related to color. Based on information gathered during this random survey, some women pointed out that coloration of the penis is something they take seriously. In fact, some added that circumcision tends to affect coloration, when the tip may lose its normal color such that when compared with the entire penis, it is not as attractive.

All in all, women said that a circumcised penis provides comfortable satisfaction as the foreskin doesn’t keep getting in the way. There are a lot of suggestions based on this survey. In most cases, some of the suggestions from these women seem to align whereby they all focus on complete satisfaction which calls for absolute orgasm. As a man, you will obviously never know whether you are capable of satisfying a particular woman until you get right to it, however, due to lack of personal confidence and increased doubt, sometimes men become victims of stage freight, male performance anxiety or suffer from premature ejaculation. The moment a woman realizes that you might be such a person; she will bail and give you a cheap explanation or perhaps sometimes leave without even saying goodbye.

The survey also recorded women as saying that their first encounter with a man’s penis is always a 50/50 outcome in that, they can either like it or hate it. There are some men with penises which are bent upwards when erect, others have their penises bent sideways when erect where as there are others whose penises remain straight and flaccid. Depending on a particular woman’s G-spot, a woman may prefer any one of several possible penis shapes for pleasure. Therefore, you can really never tell whether a woman will love your penis at first sight or hate it, but given the chance to have sex with her, you will obviously find that you may be able to make her ‘scream’. Note that if you cannot make a woman moan with ecstasy, then there is something wrong, which results in many men suffering from stage fright when they realize it’s not happening to their advantage.

A lot of women mentioned assessing the size of a man’s erect penis within a second, in terms of penis length and width, but not in a judgmental way. They also added on the same point that they make a quick comparison with any previous sex partner, but that they also consider if the size is proportionate to the man’s body. Either way, a man may have an average sized penis but still manage to please a woman as needed. In fact, some men who fall in the ‘micro sized’ penis category have no problems at all providing their sex partners with multiple orgasms. That would suggest that not all depends on size, but also what you do with the size you have.


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